Benefit of drinking milk everyday

Benefits of drinking milk everyday

The Best Time for Drinking Milk to Get Maximum Benefits


Milk, an abundant source of calcium, sodium, proteins, vitamins (A, K, and B12), fats, amino acids, fibres, and anti-oxidants, is often labelled as a full meal in itself by nutritionists. Milk is one of the healthiest drinks. Milk is one of the finest sources of calcium for our bodies and a rich source of minerals and proteins. Proteins aid muscle growth and illness prevention, while calcium fortifies bones and teeth. Vitamin D, included in this food, promotes growth and protects against diseases that weaken the bones. Milk’s byproducts, such as curd, butter, cheese, and gee, have health benefits. Consuming milk regularly gives us vitality, endurance, and enhanced muscular strength. Pure milk has more nutrients than any other beverage.

The Benefits of Drinking Milk Every day Include:-

Calcium: essential for strong bones and teeth and keeps bone mass steady.

Protein: provides energy and aids in muscle growth and repair.

Potassium: Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

Phosphorus: Helps strengthen bones and generate energy.

Vitamin D: Helps maintain bones.

Vitamin B12: Protects nerve and blood cells against deterioration.

Vitamin A: Protects against illness and keeps eyesight and skin in good condition.

Riboflavin (B2): Converts food into energy.

Niacin: Metabolizes sugars and fatty acids.

Thus, one 8-ounce glass of milk provides as much vitamin D as 3.5 ounces of cooked salmon, calcium as 2 1/4 cups of broccoli, potassium as a small banana, vitamin A as two baby carrots, and phosphorus as a cup of kidney beans!

Milk and Weight Loss

All these nutrients aid in general well-being, and some may even aid in shedding extra pounds. After weight training, young people who drank milk lost more body fat and grew more muscle mass than those who drank other beverages containing the same amount of calories and macronutrients. You may increase your daily caloric intake by just consuming extra milk. If you’re trying to lose weight, improving your milk consumption is most beneficial when it substitutes for other calorie sources.

Milk and Disease

Milk consumption is linked to a 15–20% reduction in cardiovascular disease and stroke mortality. Despite the reality that cholesterol is simply one mechanism of heart disease, many people still believe that drinking milk elevates cholesterol and proves that milk is a cause of heart disease. Milk consumption is related to decreased blood pressure, another critical mechanism. Therefore, drawing inferences concerning milk and heart disease based on the impact of cholesterol alone is entirely nonsensical. Milk’s effects aren’t limited to preventing heart disease. Longitudinal studies suggest that drinking milk and eating dairy products may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, and even bladder cancer.

How Much Milk every day?

Adults should take three cups of milk (or cheese or yogurt) daily to get the full benefits of milk, including the nine essential nutrients. One serving constitutes one cup of milk or yogurt, one and a half ounces of natural cheese, or two ounces of processed cheese. You may now proceed to consume the milk. The benefits are real.

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